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Night Lighting Project of Chongqing Grand Theatre


 As one of the key planning projects in Chongqing, Night Lighting Project of Chongqing Grand Theatre showed Chongqing’s ancient atmosphere with rich profound historical and cultural background. Chongqing Grand Theater has a total area of about 99,000 m2 and is the bright pearl of landscape lighting on the both sides of Yangtse River and Jialing River in Chongqing. In ordinary days, monochromatic light and slowly gradual change light are applied to show the crystal clear of grand theater and back lighting is applied to emphasize the dramatic appearance of the building, so that the building looks like the bright and attractive crystal; for major holidays and festivals, there will be video media light show through the unified centralized control to show a “colorful and dreamlike” dynamic picture, which has become an another feature of Chongqing’s night scene. The project won the Asian Lighting Design Award.