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Charming Hangzhou, Tongfang lightning lightens East Station


  With the successful closing of world-renowned G20 Summit, the famous historic and cultural city—Hangzhou surprised the world. Hangzhou has beautiful sceneries, rich cultural heritage, and developed traffic. It is said that “to choose China from the world and choose Hangzhou from China”. For welcoming and sending off guests, Asian largest transportation hub—Hangzhou East Station plays an important role. In order to enhance the overall image of Hangzhou East Railway Station, which is the gate of Hangzhou, and beautify the environment of hub area, since December last year, a night lighting project has been conducted at Hangzhou East Station hub. This project is completed by Heshan Tongfang Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

  Hangzhou East Railway Station is located in the core area of Hangzhou Chengdong New City. Based on the characteristics of Hangzhou East Railway Station, namely, innovative design, grandeur, fluent shape, and great tension, Beijing Tsinghua Urban Planning & Design Institute planned to show the distinctive characteristics of the times and the sense of the future from the lighting and put forward the design concept of “soft mountain and water, exquisite and harmonious, and change with tide”, which required 280m of uniform lighting from west to east and 510m of uniform lighting from north and south, 30m-40m lighting depth, and creasing different in height. Heshan Tongfang Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. won the bidding of night lighting project of Hangzhou East Station, which was responsible for providing the appropriate lighting to meet the design requirements.