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Swire Centralized Heating Project of Taiyuan City

所属分类:Smart City发布日期:2017-06-29


Swire Heating Project is a key project of Shanxi Province which is signed by Tongfang Technovator, and it is also the first closed cycle system project with features of long-distance transport, large height difference, and large temperature difference, as well as with a multi-stage pump station.

Technical highlights

Long distance: Gujiao power plant is 37.8 km away from the urban area of Taiyuan, and its ground elevation is 1020 m. Four heating pipes are laid, passing through Gujiao City, mountainous areas of Xishan and urban area of Taiyuan successively from west to east.

Large height difference: the topographic local high point is 4.4 km from the side tunnel entrance of Taigu, and its ground elevation is 989 m. In Taiyuan boundary, the pipeline’s ground elevation reaches 840 m, and the maximum height difference is up to 180 m.

Large temperature difference: the design temperature of supply water is 130 °C, and the design temperature of return water is 30 °C. The temperature difference of supply water and return water is 100 °C, while the temperature difference of supply water and return water of conventional projects is no more than 60 °C.

Multi-stage pump station control: it has high requirements for the reliability and security of control system, and the use of a variety of redundant control technologies guarantees the safe operation of heating system reliably.