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Tongfang ASDC realized the informationized and digitalized administration of Jiangxi Provincial Archives Bureau.

所属分类:Smart City发布日期:2017-06-30

Jiangxi Provincial Archives Bureau was established in 1962, belonging to a state-level archive. Jiangxi Provincial Archives took the lead in realizing informationized query system in China; however, the archive storage and borrowing of public service units of Jiangxi Province have not yet been achieved interconnection, and sometimes one has to go to Jiangxi Provincial Archives Bureau to query documents; moreover, the unified data sorting, saving and utilization of a large number of documents, important pictures, audio & video files are thorny, greatly reducing the work efficiency.

Why did Jiangxi Provincial Archives Bureau choose ASDC Comprehensive Archives Integrated Management System?

Advanced Systems Development Co., Ltd. (ASDC)is one of the first batch of system service providers passing the evaluation of national digital archives, owning rich experience in developing and implementing archives management system of state organs and units. In this project, ASDC adopts self-developed archives management system, and it is the only fully functional service-oriented architecture (SOA) archive management system, which supports collecting and managing the background, structure, and administrative metadata in the entire life-cycle of e-document, solves the difficulties in ensuring reality, integrity, effectiveness, and openness in e-archives management, and supports cloud application, greatly improving the loose coupling integration with other systems, and expandability able to adapt to all kinds of situations and intensity of centralized application.

What has ASDC helped Jiangxi Archives Bureau to achieve?

Taking advantage of the efficient ASDC archives collaborative cloud management platform, Jiangxi Provincial Archives Bureau has achieved safe and normative collection and management of e-document in the entire life-cycle, effectively solving difficulties in collection, management, storage and utilization of the existing government system. 11 districts and cities, 44 county-level archives and 21 provincial organs have achieved interconnection simultaneously and shared the archives system platform, fully realizing digital and automated query of documents, greatly improving the efficiency of document query and assisting upgrade of business in the whole province.