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New site of CCTV

所属分类:Smart City发布日期:2017-06-29

     The new site of China Central Television (CCTV) is the world’s largest individual steel building and was rated among 2007 Ten Architectural Wonders. It covers an area of over 550,000 square meters and its main building is over 230m in height. It is the highest-level building in China with the highest construction cost of individual intelligent building, and is a “high, difficult, delicate, and edgy” large-scale project both at home and abroad.

According to functions of the new site, its intelligent system incorporates many components and contains 15 subsystems, including integrated management, building automation and control, security, public and emergent broadcast, application of smart one-card, public and business information display. Moreover, it is characterized by complex functions, large scale, high requirement for integration level and high requirements for control over environment and energy consumption and so forth.

Why CCTV chose to cooperate with Tongfang?

Technovator International Limited undertakes the overall design, overall contract management, project implementation of weak current engineering and all works regarding weak current system integration. According to CCTV’s international standing, professional functions and positioning in long-run development, Tongfang formulated a package solution for weak current integration and provided its informationized operation management with quick, efficient and humanized management and control platform, meeting the new site’s demanding requirements for architectural design, equipment and system management, response speed, and environmental comfortability.

Tongfang’s integration solution gives full expression to the design concept of putting people first, and lays emphasis on the scientificity of system, the advancement of equipment, the practicability of function and the reliability of use. Moreover, it combines various weak electronic systems and ensures each can collaborate to work under integration system as well as function independently. Meanwhile, this system advocates conservation-oriented society of green building and meets CCTV’s new requirements for future operation, management and development.

What Tongfang helped CCTV achieve?

Tongfang’s integration solution reflects the core appeal of “openness” and is of good compatibility and expansibility, which makes owners rest assured; it automatically provides personalized functional interface for various administrative staff, making it easier for them to administrate; uniform equipment monitoring, concentrated alarm management and impeccable alarm plans will not let go any “malfunction”; for various types of subsystems, standard OPC is adopted for data exchange, which enables linkage of multiple subsystems; distributed architecture is used that each functional area has load balancing, and it can effectively process over 200,000 points of real-time data; it is equipped with data analysis software, which provides a great number of management strategies regarding energy conservation and equipment management; moreover, it adopts advanced energy-conservation control strategy, saving over 15% of energy.

The construction work of CCTV new site won “2012-2013 Luban Prize for Construction Project”.