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Auxiliary project of comprehensive transportation junction of Shenzhen North Station

所属分类:Smart City发布日期:2017-06-29

Comprehensive Transportation Junction of Shenzhen North Railway Station is China’s only large station whose “entrances and exits are both on upper floor”. Moreover, it centers on national railway station and brings in multiple means of transfer, including urban mass transit line 456, bus station, taxi station, coach station, tour bus and social vehicle parking lot. Shenzhen North Railway Station is a landmark project of new-type railway station in China and it is the largest railway station with the most advanced equipment and technology and the biggest passenger traffic in Shenzhen, sending 52 million passengers a year on average. This project is distinctly different from other intelligent buildings for Shenzhen North Railway Station manages civil construction with metro management mode, and it needs to not only meet various system requirements of an intelligent building but also meet the special needs of metro operation and management mode.

In August 2010, Tongfang Technovator International Technology Co., Ltd. contracted to build Shenzhen North Railway Station Informatization Project. After preliminary design, equipment procurement, installation, debugging, pilot run and other works, the project was completed and accepted on December 12, 2011.

In this project, Tongfang got involved in the construction of 22 subsystems of six part, which nearly covers all subsystems in the field of intelligent building, including computer room project, crane span structure and optical cable project, power supply and lighting protection system in overall project; fire control and automatic alarm system and environment and equipment monitoring system in integrated monitoring project; communication transmission network system, passenger consultation information system, and wireless walky-talky system in communication engineering; traffic signal control and traffic flow detection system and red light electronic police subsystem in municipal road traffic monitoring project. So many subsystems apply to different environment respectively and they have to operate collaboratively, which makes it hard to integrate them. Beyond that, Tongfang creatively applies traditional civil fire control to the square with more functions of a civil architecture in Shenzhen North Railway Station while it applies tunnel fire control used by rail transit to Xinqu Avenue and other parts that are more of a rail transit. This is beyond imagination among traditional intelligent buildings before. Such implementation has demanding requirements for the coordination, adjustment and comprehensive management and control of fire alarm system (FAS) and building automation system (BAS).

In addition, as a key part of the implementation, rail transit has strict requirements and control standards for products. A large number of subsystems, such as equipment monitoring system, power distribution and monitoring system and computer network system, all adopt industrial-control products, including PLC, industrial Ethernet switch, double-fiber redundancy ring network, and summarized information management platform of high redundancy and high reliability.

Shenzhen North Railway Station Project won the “Luban Prize for Construction Project” and “First Prize for Intelligent Architecture of 2015 National Excellent Engineering Investigation and Design Awards”, which is also the highest prize in China’s engineering investigation and design industry.