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Governmental information sharing and exchange platform of Commission of Economy and Information Technology of Daxing District

所属分类:Smart City发布日期:2017-06-29

In 2012, the Commission of Economy and Information Technology of Daxing District, Beijing, carried out investigation and analysis of informatization situation of more than 100 commissioned offices in the district. The units in the region were equipped with more than 200 sets of application systems, which were different in architecture and database type, and the business systems cannot share data, resulting in information islands. In addition, the lack of uniform data collection specifications made it impossible to reflect the value of the data. To this end, the Commission of Economy and Information Technology of Daxing District proposed to establish a government information resources sharing and exchange platform of Daxing District, with the aim of achieving information sharing and exchange across different hardware, different network environments, and different database systems, and providing support for public services and leadership decision.

The Commission of Economy and Information Technology of Daxing District and Tongfang Big Data Industry Headquarters jointly set up a government information resource sharing and exchange platform, by relying on the existing information environment and giving full play to the advantages of Tongfang in the big data industry. The platform includes the following components:

1. Data resource center

The data resource center includes the basic database and various subject databases. Based on the major directions of informatization in Daxing District in recent years, build various subject databases in the aspects of urban management, safety production, comprehensive governance and stability safeguarding, social services, and regional economy.

2. Data sharing and exchange platform

Establish the unified data exchange platform to achieve data collection, data exchange between the government information resources sharing and exchange platform and various operating segments, and information exchange between various operating segments and systems, and establish the resource catalog management system.

3. Data analysis and mining platform

Provide methods and tools for multidimensional database establishment and data analysis, dig out hidden data relations, and use these relations to find out rules, establish models, and use these models to predict future data trends, and finally provide the basis for leaders’ decision-making.

4. System management and operation & maintenance platform

The system management and operation & maintenance platform shall provide the function of monitoring all the hardware and operation of the sharing and exchange platform.

5. Government information resource portal

The government information resource portal should be on behalf of the staff and leaders at all levels, take into account users’ operating habits, concerned functions, psychology, and receptivity, and provide users with clear function entries, convenient query services, as well as accurate and clear information tips in each process.

6. Mechanism and specification development

It includes the construction of sharing and exchange mechanisms and specifications for shared data, sharing and exchange nodes, data storage and use, and security management.

Tongfang centers on “big data”, explore new mode of data service, and gradually improves Daxing Data Resources Center. Besides, it realizes novel management mode for information resources which integrates data management, monitoring and evaluation, and service push, and proactively contemplates on the transition of Daxing Commission of Economy and Information Technology and its Information Center, and explores the path of functional transformation for the Commission. Consolidate existing functions of the Daxing Commission of Economy and Information Technology, comprehensively grasp the development trends of Daxing in society, society and other aspects, study its development direction and polices, and provide leaders with auxiliary decisions regarding industrial development in Daxing, to further drive the development of “Smart Daxing”.