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The third national economic census

所属分类:Smart City发布日期:2017-06-30

According to the relevant requirements of Regulation on National Economic Census and in accordance with the basic principles of Census Center of National Bureau of Statistics on the third economic census, Tongfang Big Data Industry headquarters realized the automation and electronization of census data methods, including collection, submission, processing, etc. in the use of modern information technology; meanwhile, through the combination of mobile terminals and big data, Tongfang Big Data Industry headquarters helped the third national economic census achieve mobility.

“Planning and design--data collection--data processing--data integration and processing” is the main line of the process of statistical service, Tongfang helped the third economic census formulate and collect 130 collection tables, 2,649 summary tables, 1,075 indexes, 11,081 audit formulas, collected the data of 4.98 million survey units with 34.89 million tables, and provided 120,000 mobile terminal collecting equipment for statistical agencies at all levels.