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Aegon THTF Life Insurance Digital Marketing Platform – ZEUS System

所属分类:Finance & insurance发布日期:2017-06-29

In recent years, with the rapid development of China’s insurance industry and the popularization of Internet + and mobile applications, science and technology have brought great changes to the insurance industry. Aegon THTF Life Insurance Co., Ltd. has put forward the strategic decision of “the four victories”, of which the establishment of “the all-digital platform” is the most important one. Under this background, the Aegon THTF Life Insurance Digital Marketing Platform – ZEUS System came into being.

  The ZEUS system was developed based on the hybrid of original Html5 and IOS, and it realizes modular back-end functions and dynamic-static separation of front-end technical applications. All the business models involved in the system have been abstracted and proved repeatedly. It serves as a front-end application platform in the marketing exhibition industry, supporting all the personnel use requirements in the personal marketing mode. Users of the system mainly include: agents, salesmen, bank FA, and indoor staff. After being launched, the ZEUS system has been widely acclaimed.

One-stop online insurance:

  The system includes the entire processes of online insurance, including preparation of proposals, customer information entry, collection of notifications, online insurance underwriting, signature confirmation, data photographing and uploading, and online payment, so it completely changed the traditional sales model of off-line paper insurance. In addition, its dynamic prepositive underwriting design returns the initiative of sales to the marketing staff; it realizes the functions of single document matching and integration, multiple payment options, and electronic returns, and achieves industry-leading process efficiency and user experience.

System integration and data interoperability:

  The system interoperates with the “digital window platform” to realize data management and query, and interoperates with the CRM system to realize customer management and intelligent marketing. It cooperates with WECHAT system to realize online customer acquisition and offline in-depth development, and cooperates with the business management system, so that marketing personnel can keep abreast of their own and team members’ business performance, such as performance ranking, assessment gap, competition ranking and gap.

Cost reduction:

  The ZEUS system realizes digitization for all the services, thus reducing the marketing costs (transportation cost, communication expense, etc.); through online process optimization, automatic underwriting, etc., working pressure of indoor staff is reduced. In future, operating costs such as outsourcing order recording fee, document printing fee, policy delivery fee, promotional materials cost, and operational and indoor staff cost can be greatly reduced. In addition, the separated front-end applications and modular back-end functions greatly increase the efficiency of the ZUES system in achieving the same type of demand, with a significant reduction in development costs.

Time saving:

  Salespersons do not need to carry a lot of paper documents to visit the customer, without having to change the plan and run back and forth due to customer needs, and no longer need to pass through the procedures of submitting, entering, scanning, trial, underwriting, note, and transfer, which take several days. Customers can immediately receive electronic policies after the completion of insurance applications, and sign for the electronic receipts online. An insurance application can be completed in 5 minutes at the soonest.

User experience improvement:

  The system can be tailored according to the needs of customers. They can purchase multiple policies at one time, and all the documents can be confirmed with one signature. Insurance-related documents can be photographed and uploaded directly, so that customers would believe insurance purchase is a happy and simple thing.

  After its launch, the first phase of the ZEUS system has been highly recognized by agents, distributors, and partners, and gained a certain leading advantage. As new functions of the ZEUS system come online constantly, they will add fuel to the company’s strong competitiveness in the market.