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“One Breakfast” Project

所属分类:Finance & insurance发布日期:2017-06-29

AEGON THTFalways adheres to the corporate responsibility of giving back to society and pays constant attention to adolescent education and healthy development issues.

The company participated in the “One Breakfast” Project in 2012. This project is the first experimental public service entity of Rainbow Public Welfare Plan of China Business Network, and the beneficiaries of this project are Tianfu Primary School and Jiunai Primary School situated in Ping’an Village, Nujiang River, Yunnan Province. Since both schools are in remote areas with inconvenient transportation, so many students choose to board and breakfast becomes an urgent problem. Thus, AEGON THTF decided to make their utmost efforts to solve breakfast issue for students and teachers of the two schools and raised relevant funds for these two schools on a long term basis.

From the time when “One Breakfast” Project was established in 2012 to 2016, the project have received the great support of senior executives, employees and customers of AEGON THTF every year. Annual visit, voluntary teaching activities organized by employees, bringing these children to Shanghai to form a temporary family, helping these children realize their little dreams and donating multimedia teaching all reflect that the company pays serious attention to this project. Meanwhile, over the last five years, the company made use of internal and external channels of communication, wrote online and offline manuscripts, produced all kinds of publicity materials, videos and H5 by combining with the most popular e-marketing modes, to vigorously market the “One Breakfast” Project. China Business Network will report about the company’s involvement in the “One Breakfast” Project every year. Propagation is constantly fortified and fund raised increases year by year. In the past five years, benevolent donation of AEGON THTF has benefited 2,500 teachers and students in mountainous areas and has donated nearly 900,000 yuan. According to statistics, after years of sincere efforts made by the company, students of the two schools improve their grades, the dropout rate is reduced to zero, and their comprehensive ranking is also lifted.