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Solution to CNKI Institutional Knowledge Repository Construction Platform

所属分类:Internet service发布日期:2017-06-29

CNKI Institutional Repository Platform (CIRP in short) relies on academic resources collected by CNKI, adopts the model of “platform + data”, reserves and comprehensively manage various achievements officially or non-officially published by an organization or an alliance of multiple organizations, gathers and exhibits institutional achievements on multiple dimensions and provides analysis of knowledge and content, content display and other value-added services, increasing exposure of knowledge assets and academic influence of the institution and offering a new way of exchange for scientific research.

This platform helps save academic achievements of institutions, provides researches with decision support, libraries a platform to conduct knowledge service, institutional scholars a tool to manage achievements, alliances unified and digital services, and goes deep into institutions and departments, exhibiting academic achievements more directly and more conveniently.

Furthermore, this platform structures an academic ecological chain of institutional repository with three forms of products—construction of repository, platform of alliance and touch screen. Institutional repository construction platform can make efficient use of institutional knowledge assets, increase academic influence of institution; IR alliance platform can conduct comprehensive evaluation and contrastive analysis of the output of scientific research of colleges, universities and research institutions in a region or an industry; touch screen system of institutional repository makes more institutional members know about institutional repository and improves interactive experience between institutional members and institutional knowledge achievement, which promotes the construction of institutional repository in turn.

CNKI institutional repository construction platform integrated solution can build a platform to demonstrate resources of comprehensive system for colleges and universities and maintain daily update of Chinese data and monthly update of foreign-language data, helping recall institutional resources and solve difficulties in sustainable construction fundamentally. Additionally, the platform can provide multi-dimensional data analysis function and can conduct bidirectional data integration with scientific research management system to update data in the two systems synchronously. More, adding data and submitting are easier in the scientific research management system. Besides, the system offers a standard API which enables integration with other systems of the school and can effectively solve the problems that college repository lacks appeal and scholars are insufficiently involved. Meanwhile, administrator and author can set permission regarding title and full text of achievements, and the system offers flexible open strategy and safeguard mechanism, which relieves concerns about intellectual property when submitting achievements. At present, Capital Normal University and Dalian University among many other universities in China have purchased an institutional repository construction platform and touch screen service. Meanwhile, Tongfang CNKI also set up an institutional repository alliance for many universities in Inner Mongolia.