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Access control one-card project of China National Nuclear Corporation

所属分类:Public security发布日期:2017-06-29

In 2016, Tongfang R.I.A. Company Limited became the supplier of China National Nuclear Corporation and won the bidding of access control one-card project of China Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd., China Institute of Nuclear Information, Computer Application Institute of Nuclear Industry, and Hualong Pressurized Water Reactor Technology Corporation Ltd.

Tongfang access control system is composed of card reader, controller and management software. The card reader supports M1 card, CPU card, and national secret CPU card; the controller adopts industrial-grade 32-bit CPT high-speed ARM platform design and TCP/IP network communication, which is compatible with all kinds of entrance guard card reader; the management software is with rich functions and supports distributed deployment. The whole system is characterized by high security, high scalability and flexible security control of the entrance. The system has won the certificates of commercial confidential product and honor of top 10 influential brands of security products in China.

Tongfang one-card system takes intelligent IC card as the carrier; through all kinds of intelligent reading and writing equipment, central platform and application software, it can provide users with various services, including ID verification, consumption, access control, clock-in, sign-in for meeting, vehicle access record, visitor management, online patrol, elevator management, self-service, etc., and the system supports CPU card, national secret CPU card, NFC mobile phone, etc.

By taking advantage of the SM1 cryptographic algorithm and CPU card technology, Tongfang R.I.A. took the lead in creating the national-advanced, self-controllable and high-security access control one-card system with high security level, which enjoys market advantage in fields of national defense, electricity and other secrecy-involved industries.