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Education Cloud of Jiangyan District Education Bureau (Jiangsu)

所属分类:E-info products发布日期:2017-06-29

There are many primary and secondary schools in Jiangyan District, Jiangsu Province. Computers in the schools and classrooms are on various levels. The complex environment and redundant lines in classrooms would always affect student interaction and classroom activities. Traditional PCs have the drawbacks such as slow running, high failure rate caused by prolonged use, and time and labor consuming software upgrades. Heavy room maintenance work put more pressure on school teachers. Traditional PCs also have the drawbacks such as long average boot time, high noise, uncontrollable hardware loss and software failure, which lead to a series of problems like poor classroom experience. Replacing hardware or changing for new PCs is only a temporary solution, and cannot completely solve the fundamental problem. So, the local education bureau considered adopting the new cloud classroom solution.

Jiangyan District Education Bureau investigated a large number of domestic and foreign desktop cloud products, and finally chose the desktop cloud product developed by Tongfang Computer and Multimedia Industry Headquarters.

Why does the customer choose Tongfang Desktop Cloud?

With the advantages of intelligent application, centralized management, simple maintenance, and high data security, Tongfang Desktop Cloud can provide cross-platform desktop applications to any network-connected equipment by cooperating with China Telecom and other operators. Tongfang has been committed to research, design and development of cloud computing, virtualization software, and other related products since 2008. It is one of the earliest high-tech enterprises in China, which are engaged in the development and popularization of integrated cloud computing and virtualization solutions. It has more than 10 core technology patents and more than 30 pieces of software copyright. Its software/hardware-integrated end-to-end desktop cloud products and solutions are changing the office and learning modes in the government, business, and education fields.

Taking advantage of the characteristics of network and virtualization and integrating Tongfang servers, Tongfang storage, Tongfang terminals, and Tongfang virtualization software, Tongfang Desktop Cloud realizes unified deployment, recycling, and monitoring in the cloud architecture, provides up to 16 solutions and more than 2000 functions, and completely solves the problems traditional terminals are facing, such as incompatible heterogeneous software and hardware, complex management, high cost, limited space, and incapability of sharing. It has the advantages of easy network operation and maintenance, high integration of resources, efficient centralized management, and improved efficiency.

What can Tongfang Desktop Cloud do for customers?

More than 30 primary and secondary schools in Jiangyan District has been deployed with Tongfang Desktop Cloud products. A large server cluster has been built in the computer room of the Education Bureau, and Tongfang thin clients have been installed in the school computer rooms. Students can access the district server without any account. At the same time, each teacher is provided with an account and a thin client, so that they can log into their own operating system, no matter where they are, and no matter what kind of equipment (tablet, mobile phone, or computer) they are using.

After the deployment of Tongfang Desktop Cloud products, the primary and secondary schools in Jiangyan District not only save the maintenance of computer rooms and computers, but also realize convenient teaching applications with the help of Tongfang multimedia teaching software. Teachers do not have to carry a laptop or U-disk to classrooms. No matter where they are, they only need to enter their own account to log into the system. The advanced cloud concept has been well received among the teachers.

The project is therefore considered as a classic case of education cloud in Jiangsu Province.