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Computer—China TravelSky Holding Company 2015 open platform computer resources procurement project

所属分类:E-info products发布日期:2017-06-29

TravelSky Technology Limited is a leading supplier of information technology solutions for Chinese aviation and tourism industries and is the world’s fourth biggest tourism GDS supplier with the world’s largest BSP data processing center. It provides domestic airlines and over 300 airlines of foreign countries and regions with electronic tourism distribution (ETD), offers products used by airlines, airports, service suppliers, distribution agents, institutional clients, civil aviation passengers, cargo agents and other industry participants, and conducts electronic transaction and manages tourism-related information, which has high requirements for the stability and expansibility of data center server and solution.

At the end of 2015, TravelSky Technology Limited invited bids for its open platform computer resource purchase project publicly, Tongfang’s computer and multimedia industry department won the bid of the project of purchasing 1,789 domestic X86 servers with an amount of nearly 80 million yuan.

Why TravelSky chooses Tongfang’s products?

Tongfang has profound technical accumulation in the field of server and independently-developed information safety solution with obvious advantages in safety and controllability. In terms of energy conservation and environmental protection, some featured products of Tongfang adopt titanium-level power supply authentication. Test shows that 20 watts will be saved per hour per unit of product, which is crucial to enterprise-class and large-scale user environment. As regards the capacity of enterprise-class solution integration, Tongfang has created an integrated form of products including server, network, storage and cloud computing, big data and high-performance computing, and gradually expands its ecosystem and improves its capacity of cloud service.

In this project, Tongfang won the favor of TravelSky with server products and solutions with high reliability, high expandability, abundant ports, and thorough fulfillment of needs for expansion.

What Tongfang helps TravelSky achieve?

As TravelSky constantly launches new businesses and its network capacity increases continuously, Tongfang helps guarantee its high performance and expandability, withstands the pressure from heavy traffic, and makes equipment no longer a bottleneck. More importantly, Tongfang offers powerful processing performance, fully meets customers’ requirements for safe transmission of large volume data for electronic transaction and travel management, and ensure customers’ businesses work normally.