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Independent and reliable mobile police work platform

所属分类:E-info products发布日期:2017-06-29

Tongfang extended the fixed police work system into a mobile police work platform, which has completely removed the constraints of office place, traditional network, and working time; the mobile terminal connects with the public security office system and effectively integrates with big information system, comprehensive query platform, comprehensive police affairs system, traffic police 6-in-1 platform, P-GIS platform, and OA system, which has satisfied the mobile working needs of civil police, security police, patrol police, and traffic police.

With Eren Eben as the hardware basis, Beijing Eren Eben Information Technology Co., Ltd. cooperated with the information center of a provincial public security department, No.3 Institute of the Ministry of Public Security, as well as CETC NCI to implement “Police Eben” solution, which can provide the front-line police officers with functions of information query, police work query, rapid positioning, rapid response, evidence uploading, comprehensive query, submission of collected information, public security affairs, community policing, case management, and mobile working, provide the control center and command center with functions of dispatching and commanding, police officer positioning, and police resource management and deployment, and provide effective means to handling of emergencies.

Tongfang mobile police work platform adopts MindMark technology, which can realize real-time signing of police work documents and improve the efficiency of case handling; at the same time, it also makes it possible to inquire and handle cases, record and depict the scene anytime and anywhere and analyze the case through wireless projection environment. In terms of security and reliability, Eren Eben possesses safety technology of fingerprint identification, data encryption, and remote cloud platform control, which can better ensure the realization of security of mobile police work platform.