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Mobile surveillance law enforcement

所属分类:E-info products发布日期:2017-06-29

With the development and popularity of information technology, the informationization of fields like environmental monitoring and law enforcement is put on the agenda. However, now enterprise-related information collected by environmental monitoring mainly come from management database for pollution discharge declaration and charging that one can only inquire basic information on enterprises, pollution abatement facilities of the first half of year, annual output (consumption) of main products and raw materials of the first half of year, discharge per product of the first half of year and so on. Its development is far from meeting actual monitoring needs and mainly has problems such as mobile law enforcement system construction is not started yet and the lack of support of environmental protection information and data.

Why customers choose Tongfang’s mobile monitoring and law enforcement solution?

EREN EBEN mobile monitoring and law enforcement solution, which was launched by Beijing Eren Eben Information Technology Co., Ltd., is an efficient 3G-based mobile application solution especially for government affairs sectors with WIFI network mobile communication infrastructure. It realized mobile and safe interconnection through EREN EBEN terminal equipment, connects with existing environmental monitoring information system and integrates information on project examining and approving, pollutant discharge licences, monitoring, administrative penalty, environmental petitioning, thus meeting the requirements of on-site law enforcement and forming new-generation platform for mobile monitoring and law enforcement.

What Tongfang’s mobile monitoring and law enforcement solution helps customers achieve?

Tongfang mobile monitoring and law enforcement solution consists of on-site law enforcement application system, mobile law enforcement background support system and on-site law enforcement terminal hardware.

On-site law enforcement application system is set according to a specific law to enforce and fits into information collection, evidence extraction, law enforcement sheet and other procedures. More, it enables information search, on-site law enforcement, task management, environmental manual inquiry, guidance for law enforcement, map query, team management and other functions.

Mobile law enforcement background support system sets up environmental monitoring integrated platform, strengthens the control of sources of pollution and inspection and assessment functions, and meanwhile interconnects with on-site law enforcement application system based on environmental management database. Besides, it provides ancillary supports to preparation before the examination of law enforcement, information retrieval and collection during the examination and analysis and summarizing of information after the examination.

On-site law enforcement terminal hardware adopts EREN EBEN tablet PC, combines the convenience of mobile law enforcement and signature confirmation. After the law enforcement, collect various evidences (photo and audio).