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Tongfang Jiangxin “Double-High” Ships Forge Ahead

所属分类:Industrial manufacturing发布日期:2017-06-29

Subordinate to Tongfang Military, Tongfang Jiangxin Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. is one of the first batch of 50 national key shipbuilding enterprises by Norms of Shipbuilding Industry newly issued by National Industry and Information Committee and is president of Jiangxi Shipbuilding Industry Association. The company has the capacity to build various ships under 20,000 tons and ten-thousand-ton docks which can lift 320 tons as well as a modern outfitting quay, a complete set of shipbuilding and ship-repairing equipment and facilities, meeting the national standards for level-1 and category-2 shipbuilding enterprise.

By relying on national exemplary academician workstations and provincial-level technique centers, the company is dedicated to the development and manufacturing of “double-high” (high technical content and value-added) ship products, energetically promotes the integration of “hulling, outfitting and coating”, popularizes accuracy shipbuilding and zero-allowance load, implements island-type construction method, constantly improves advanced outfitting rate and shortens ship delivery. The company adheres to the operation and development strategy of differentiation competition and constantly improves its core competitiveness, taking a firm step in industrial shipbuilding, official law enforcement ship, and merchant ship markets and so on.

In October 2009, Tongfang Jiangxin Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. undertook 12000-ton multipurpose series stems exporting to Germany for the first time and delivered successfully, achieving the historical leap of building ten-thousand-ton ships.

On July 16, 2010, oil pipelines of CNPC exploded in Dalian Xingang Port, followed by oil spill accident. Deployed by Ministry of Communications and China National Offshore Oil Corporation, “Offshore Oil Environmental Ship No. 252/253” built and delivered by Tongfang Jiangxin Shipbuilding Company was fully engaged in the accident clearing and rescue and distinguished itself. After over a week of continuous operation, the ship successfully completed the urgent task of clearing spills on the Dalian Xingang Port and nearby sea, highly praised by Dalian Municipal Party Committee and Government, the State Oceanic Administration and the ship owner.

In October 2011, the Government of China aided Guyana with two ferries, which were built by Tongfang Jiangxin Shipbuilding Company.

In April 2015, Tongfang Jiangxin Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. undertook the building of Sinopec patrol ship, which marks the company’s full blossom in maritime work market of China’s “three oil tanks” (CNPC, Sinopec, and CNOOC). Tongfang Jiangxin has built “China Oil Emergency No. 103”for Sinopec, “Offshore Oil 751/770/771”for CNOOC, all highly praised by the ship-owners.

On the path of innovative and modern shipbuilding model and becoming first-rate in the industry, Tongfang Jiangxin has been striving to move ahead.